Latest SEEA news

05 December 2018

As part of the NCA&VES project, a regional training workshop on the SEEA EEA was held for countries of Latin America and the Caribbean from 21 to 23 November 2018, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

20 February 2019

Every five years since 2003, the European Union has articulated its strategy for further developing and promoting the use of SEEA accounts through the European Strategy for Environmental Accounts (ESEA).

01 February 2019

UNSD invites feedback and review from all stakeholders on the Global Economy Wide Material Flow Accounting Manual.

19 December 2018

Natural capital accounting has a pivotal role to play in the post-2020 biodiversity framework. During the recent COP14, a side event on the SEEA was held to explore the role natural capital accounting and the SEEA can play in the post-2020 agenda.

07 December 2018

The applications of natural capital accounting (NCA) to biodiversity and climate change and the opportunity to build bridges between public and private sector NCA practitioners were the themes of Third Forum Decisions on Natural Capital Accounting for Better Policy held in Paris on 26-27 November.

04 December 2018

India has released its first SEEA accounts. The accounts, developed in line with the Green National Accounts in India framework, are part of a long-term effort to reduce the impact of environmental degradation and protect and maintain the environment for present and future generations.

27 November 2018

From 5-8 March 2019, Chief Statisticians from around the world will gather at the UN Headquarters in New York City for the annual United Nations Statistical Commission (UNSC). Next year’s UNSC will be a milestone—its fiftieth session—and the fourteenth session where the UN Committee of Experts on Environmental-Economic Accounting (UNCEEA) has reported to the Commission. 

15 November 2018

Valuation of ecosystem services and ecosystem assets in monetary terms is a common area of contention in environmental measurement and accounting. To discuss this issue and angage with a broader community, the SEEA EEA Technical Committee and UNSD hosted a webinar for members of the UNCEEA and the Advisory Expert Group on National Accounts.

12 November 2018

Nearly 300 participants attended the 2nd World Forum on Ecosystem Governance held in China from 5-7 November 2018. The forum addressed key topics related to the sustainable management of natural resources and ecosystem services, including ecosystem accounting and the SEEA-Experimental Ecosystem Accounting.

26 September 2018

The Global Environmental Facility (GEF), the world’s largest single source of environmental finance, has included natural capital and environmental accounting as one of its priorities in its latest round of investments, known as GEF-7. This widens the scope and furthers the potential for enhancing SEEA accounts around the world. 

24 September 2018

Stats NZ has recently taken up the task of restarting compilation of its environmental-economic accounts. These accounts show levels and trends in the stocks and flows of natural capital, greenhouse gas emissions from economic activity and the economic activities being undertaken to protect the environment. 

24 September 2018

With the advent of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the need for coherent, policy-relevant environmental information has taken on a new momentum. To meet this challenge, ESCAP has undertaken several engagements and projects on the SEEA, from the Philippines to Pakistan and beyond.

24 September 2018

From 1-3 August, 2018, ESCAP convened the first Asia and the Pacific Expert Workshop on Ocean Accounts, which served as the inaugural activity for the Ocean Accounts Partnership, a collective effort to strengthen evidence and governance to achieve SDG14. Participants included 85 experts from national governments, research institutes, and international and regional organizations.

20 September 2018

Under President Xi Jingping's vision for a sustainable symbiotic relationship between nature and human society, China has embarked on several programmes. The EU-funded National Capital Accounting and Valuation of Ecosystem Services Project, which is working towards implementing ecosystem accounting in China, is part of China's broad commitment to sustainable economic growth.

18 September 2018

The U.K. Office of National Statistics recently published a report on the monetary valuation of vegetation surrounding it's urban and rural areas in removing harmful pollution and in turn reducing the healthcare related costs based on SEEA accounts, in the context of the their SEEA EEA programming.

18 September 2018

The 13th Meeting of UN Committee of Experts on Environmental-Economic Accounting (UNCEEA), was held in New York and attended by over 50 experts from 25 member states and 14 international organizations. 

17 September 2018

As part of the Regional Training Programme on the SEEA Experimental Ecosystem Accounting for Countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, the SEEA will conduct an online course between September and November of 2018, to share with the participants  a common level of technical knowledge on the SEEA EEA.

23 August 2018

UN Environment and Earth observation community produce land satellite images of approximately three quadrillion pixels for SDG 6.

17 July 2018

The theory and practice of ecosystem accounting took center stage in June as experts from around the world convened in Glen Cove, New York to inform the revision of the SEEA Experimental Ecosystem Accounts (SEEA EEA).

11 June 2018

Launched in early November 2017 in Beijing, the European Union funded project ‘Natural Capital Accounting and Valuation of Ecosystem Services’ is supported by the United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD) and United Nations Environment Programme (UN Environment) and implemented by the National Bureau of Statistics of China (NBS).

06 June 2018

Organized by The Department of Environmental Affairs, South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) and Statistics South Africa (Stats SA), a national stakeholder workshop for the Natural Capital Accounting and Valuation of Ecosystem Services (NCA&VES) Project was held on 19 March 2018 in South Africa.


06 June 2018

The revision of the ecosystem accounting framework was launched in March 2018 by the UNCEEA and the United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD), and four working groups have been created to drive forward the revision process.

30 May 2018

Australia has been at the forefront of environmental-economic accounts development for over two decades with the national statistical agency, the Australian Bureau of Statistics, pioneering accounts from the mid-1990s.

30 May 2018

Close to 700 participants from 148 countries came together for the 49th session of the United Nations Statistical Commission (UNSC) from 6-9 March, 2018 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. Held since 1947, the UNSC brings together Chief Statisticians from UN Member States and is the highest decision-making body for international statistical activities.

21 May 2018

The President of the Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística (IBGE), Roberto Olinto Ramos, unveiled Brazil’s water accounts (English) at the 8th World Water Forum, held in Brasilia from 17-23 March 2018.

04 May 2018

The Statistical Data and Metadata eXchange (SDMX) invites feedback and review comments from all stakeholders on the global Data Structure Definitions (DSDs) for the SEEA.

23 February 2018

The 2nd Natural Capital Accounting for Better Policy Forum showcases South African progress with piloting ecosystem accounting as part of the Natural Capital Accounting and Valuation of Ecosystem Services project. 

16 February 2018

At the sixth meeting of the Inter-Agency Expert Group on Sustainable Development Goal Indicators (IAEG-SDGs), held from 11-14 November 2017 in Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain, several important changes were made to SEEA-relevant indicators.

16 February 2018

A recent study estimates that trees, through their removal of air pollutants, provided a benefit of more than 1 billion pounds to the United Kingdom (UK) health system in 2015 alone.

16 February 2018

The Forum of Experts in SEEA Experimental Ecosystem Accounting (SEEA EEA) will be held on 18-20 June 2018 at the Glen Cove Mansion Hotel & Conference Center, Glen Cove, Long Island, New York.

15 February 2018

In 2015, the United Nations Committee of Experts on Environmental-Economic Accounting (UNCEEA) updated its implementation strategy to include the goal of having at least 100 countries with ongoing, well-resourced programmes in the SEEA Central Framework accounting by 2020.

15 February 2018

In 2016, Statistics Netherlands and Wageningen University started to work on a three-year project with the aim to test and implement SEEA EEA ecosystem accounting for the Netherlands. Funded by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water.

15 February 2018

Statistics Denmark published a report highlighting the link between the economy and the environment through environmental-economic accounting on February 28.

15 February 2018

Brazil has been one of the pioneers in beginning compilation of System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA) accounts in South America.

13 February 2018

Integrated information and high-quality statistics are not only essential elements in advancing evidence-based policy and decision making, they are also key to monitoring the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

13 February 2018

Convincing policy makers and analysts to adopt an idea or use a framework is never easy or as straightforward as one might hope.

24 January 2018

UNSD in collaboration with UNECE and the National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus (Belstat) organized a workshop on the SEEA Central Framework and SDGs for countries of Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia in Minsk, Belarus, 15-18 January 2018.

29 December 2017

The "Technical Recommendations in support of the System of Environmental-Economic Accounting 2012–Experimental Ecosystem Accounting" have been published as a white cover publication subject to official editing. 

28 December 2017

The Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM) and United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD) have jointly launched the Roadmap for System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (RM-SEEA) to lay a foundation for the development of SEEA accounts in Malaysia.

21 December 2017

The Closing Regional Workshop for the United Nations Development Account Project was organized by the United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD) in in collaboration with Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, UNECA and UN Environment in Nairobi, Kenya on 11-13 December 2017.

14 December 2017

The Closing Regional Workshop on the SEEA took place in Jakarta, Indonesia from 27-30 November 2017, bringing together nearly 50 participants from nine different countries.

30 November 2017

The Delegation of the European Union and Chinese authorities launched a new project called Natural Capital Accounting and Valuation of Ecosystem Services in Beijing on November 1. The EU and China's economic prosperity are underpinned by their natural capital - their biodiversity.

19 November 2017

On 20-21 September 2017, Statistics South Africa (STATS SA) hosted the first high-level stakeholder consultation meeting for the project, Natural Capital Accounting and Valuation of Ecosystem Services in South Africa.

03 July 2017

Mexico takes part in a new Global Project on Natural Capital Accounting and Valuation of Ecosystem Services.