SEEA at the CoP28: Integrating Natural Capital Accounting and Climate Change

A side event on “Integrating Natural Capital Accounting and Climate Change” was organized by the Basque Centre for Climate Change (BC3) during the UN Climate Change Conference COP28 in Dubai on Sunday, 3 December 2023. The event was moderated by the Scientific Director of BC3 and included interventions by representatives from the IMF and the World Bank who emphasized the importance of using the harmonized methodology of the System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA) in support of informing climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies and the role of capacity building to support countries to develop the necessary information.

The event was opened with a message by the UNSD Director who underlined the strengths of the SEEA in linking environmental and economic information to support decision-making in a statistical framework endorsed by the international statistical community through the UN Statistical Commission. Tools such as ARIES for SEEA, developed by BC3 in collaboration with UNSD, can facilitate the implementation of the SEEA in countries by providing easily accessible data and models that are consistent with SEEA.

More information on the side event is available here

A video recording can be watch here.