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Economy-wide Material Flow Accounts and the Sustainable Use of Natural Resources in the Economy

04 August 2020
The global material footprint is growing rapidly, outpacing population and economic growth.  Material footprint entails the volume of biomass, metals, non-metallic minerals and fossil fuels that we extract. Materials fuel our economies and underpin human development and well-being. The global extraction of these materials has more than tripled since 1970 and continues to grow at an accelerated rate.

NCAVES project countries progress in piloting ecosystem accounting and valuation of ecosystem services

03 August 2020
For the third consecutive year, as part of the NCAVES project, Brazil, China, India, Mexico and South Africa presented the progress made in piloting ecosystem accounts, during the first two sessions of the 2020 Virtual Forum of Experts in SEEA Experimental Ecosystem Accounting.  

2020 Virtual Forum on SEEA Experimental Ecosystem Accounting

01 August 2020
The fifth edition of the Forum of Experts on SEEA Experimental Ecosystem Accounting is taking place virtually this year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Virtual Forum of Experts is taking place in four separate virtual sessions.

SEEA EEA Revision Process Update Q2-2020

28 July 2020
Since the last update on the SEEA EEA Revision process in April 2020, there has been significant progress with drafting of the chapters of the revised SEEA EEA.

The 15th Meeting of the UNCEEA: the SEEA EEA revision, a green recovery, business accounting and more

28 July 2020
The 15th Meeting of the UNCEEA took place virtually on 6, 8 and 9 July, 2020. A record number of participants attended, with over 70 members from national statistical offices and international organizations taking part.

Chapters on accounting for ecosystem services of the revised SEEA EEA released

24 July 2020
Chapters 6 & 7 on accounting for ecosystem services for the revised SEEA EEA were launched for global consultation on 20 July 2020.   

The Dasgupta Review and the SEEA

23 July 2020
The Interim Report of the independent Review on the Economics of Biodiversity, led by Professor Sir Partha Dasgupta was recently published. Read more about the contents of the Report and how it links to the SEEA.

Aligning the SEEA with Business Accounting

23 July 2020
One of the major outcomes of the 15th Meeting of the UN Committee of Experts on Environmental-Economic Accounting (UNCEEA) was the Committee’s support for aligning public and private sector approaches to accounting for the environment and ecosystems. 

Innovative study on Valuation of Ecosystem Services in South Africa

23 July 2020
A new pilot study of ecosystem accounting in South Africa maps, measures and values a suite of ecosystem services for the province of KwaZulu-Natal.