Second Forum on Natural Capital Accounting for Better Decision-Making, The Hague

The Second NCA Policy Forum


The Second Forum on Natural Capital Accounting for Better Decision-Making ( 2nd NCA Policy Forum) is organized by the Wealth Accounting and Valuation of Ecosystem Services (WAVES) program of the World Bank, in collaboration with the United Nations Statistics Division and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands. 

This forum will build on the first Natural Capital Accounting forum whose proceedings resulted in a comprehensive publication entitled "Forum on Natural Capital Accounting for Better Policy Decisions: Taking Stock and Moving Forward" which presents experiences from developing and developed countries, as well as international organizations, on how NCA have and can be used for policy, and specifically  focus on how NCA can be used to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

The forum will also have a special session dedicated to the applications of NCA to business, focusing on the Natural Capital Protocol and its links with the public sector.  This section is organized by the Natural Capital Coalition and World Business Council on Sustainable Development.


For the latest agenda and other documents click here.

Key note presentations

Session 1.1 Introduction to the 2nd Forum NCA - Steve Bass, IIED

Session 1.2 Global Program on Sustainability - Rafaello Cervigni, WAVES

Session 1.3 UNCEEA in the context of NCA and SDGs - Gerard Eding, CBS Netherlands

Session 2.1 Monitoring SDGs with NCA - Bram Edens, UNSD

Session 2.2 NCA for the SDGs - Arjan Ruijs, PBL

Session 3.0 Role of Business in NCA and SDGs - Hannah Pitts, Natural Capital Coalition

Session 4.1 Green Growth - Salman Hussain, UN Environment-TEEB

Session 4.2 NCA and Poverty - Rafaello Cervigni, WAVES

Session 4.3 Zambia - Policy Decisions Relating to Green Growth and Poverty - Richard Lungu, MNDP, Zambia

Session 5.1 NCA to improve sustainable forest management in England - Miranda Winram, Forest Enterpise England

Session 5.2 Ecosystem Accounting to inform decisions on forest management in Australia - Michael Vardon, ANU

Session 5.3 Policy applications of ecosystem accounts in South Africa - Mandy Driver, SANBI

Session 5.4 Role of NCA for Biodiversity Conservation in Uganda - Steve King, UNEP-WCMC

Session 5.5 NCA in Brazil - Andre Andrade, Casa Civil Brasil

Session 6.1 Botswana: Water and Sustainable Development

Session 6.2 Indonesia: National Development Plan

Session 6.3 Rwanda: Mid-tem national strategy

Session 6.4 Australia: Strategy and action plan for NCA

Session 7.2 Integrated Economic-Environmental Modeling (IIEM) Platform Project



Wednesday, 22 November 2017 - 8:30am to Thursday, 23 November 2017 - 5:00pm


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands

Rijnstraat 8

2515 XP, The Hague

Information guide

Information on how to get to the event and also about transportation and accomodations during your stay in The Hague.

Summary and closing remarks

Natural Capital Accounting Forum

Bram Edens (UNSD) reflecting on how the strong consensus towards the 2030 Sustainable Development  Agenda could mainstream  NCA  to improve policy directed at achieving the SDGs