National Data

Dozens of countries in all regions of the world compile SEEA accounts on a regular basis. The accounts compiled vary based on the priorities of the countries, as well as the available data. The SEEA library contains accounts published by countries over the years and can be accessed here. A summary of the current status of the SEEA implementation can be found in the results of the 2017 Global Assessment

International Databases

The UNCEEA has been tasked by the UN Statistical Commission to explore the possibility of having global databases on various SEEA accounts (e.g. air emission account, physical energy supply and use accounts) based on existing data sources. A number of other international organisations, including Eurostat, FAO, OECD and UN Environment, are working in close collaboration with the UNCEEA and UNSD to determine the way forward in compiling global databases for SEEA accounts. Global data structure definitions for the global databases have been established and can be found here

Progress is ongoing, but currently, the following databases are available:


03 September 2021 to 11 September 2021
15 June 2021 to 17 June 2021

SEEA Central Framework

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SEEA Experimental Ecosystem Accounting

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SEEA Applications and Extensions

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