Tools and Learning

Implementation tools

A number of materials have been developed to assist countries in the implementation of the SEEA:

  1. The Implementation Guide and Diagnostic Tool provides an overview of the steps necessary to introduce a national program of work on environmental-economic accounting.
  2. Technical Notes are currently being developed to provide a 20-25 page summary of the key considerations when setting up a specific set of accounts, such as water or energy accounts.
  3. More detailed information, including the SEEA Manuals, international recommendations and compilation manuals can be found here.

E-Learning courses

UNSD has lauched a global e-Learning platform with online courses on the SEEA. The platform has a number of courses available, providing a wealth of information for those interested in learning more: 

  1. Introduction to the SEEA Central Framework provides an overview of the main aspects of envrionmental-economic accounting. The course is available in Arabic, English, French and Russian.
  2. Our in-depth course on water accounts is aimed at those interested in compiling various water accounts such as supply and use of water in physical terms, and emissions to water.
  3. Other in-depth course will be added in soon; make sure to visit the e-Learning platform for new SEEA courses.