SEEA e-learning resources

Compilation of SEEA-related e-learning resources

There are a number of e-learning resources available on the SEEA Central Framework, SEEA Ecosystem Accounts and its subsystems. This page aims to compile the large variety of online e-learning resources on the SEEA in one place and is structured by thematic areas.

Training resources are available various formats:

  1. Self-paced version via the UNSD e-learning platform
  2. Recordings of webinars and other materials from online courses organized by UNSD
  3. Online resources and presentations from in-person training workshops organized by UNSD and partners
  4. Training resources by various international partners on their websites (coming soon)

SEEA Ecosystem Accounting

Note: The current training resources refer to SEEA 2012 EEA and were developed before the revision and the adoption of the SEEA EA in March 2021. As a result, some parts of the training are not consistent with the SEEA EA. The self-paced modules will be updated to reflect the newly adopted SEEA EA in due course.



  • Self-paced e-learning modules on SEEA-Water in ENGLISH and ARABIC

EnhaNCA: Enhance Natural Capital Accounting Policy Uptake and Relevance



e-learning platform

Access all the self-faced modules on the UNSD e-learning platform.