Regional e-Learning Programme on the Use of the SEEA for Evidence-based Policy

This e-Learning programme is organized by UNSD, in collaboration with the UN ESCAP. It provides an overview of the System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA) Central Framework (CF) and how it can be used for sustainable policy decisions. The e-Learning programme is directed towards select countries in Asia which have active SEEA programmes. In particular, the programme is aimed towards users and producers of SEEA accounts, with a focus on users of the accounts.

By involving policy makers and data users from line ministries, as well as producers from national statistical offices, the programme seeks to develop shared understanding and appreciation of the value of the SEEA accounts among key stakeholders.

The programme is designed to enable participants to take the following actions in their respective national context:

  • Convene multi-agency stakeholders to develop a plan for the production and use of SEEA accounts.
  • Better communicate results of existing SEEA accounts, highlighting policy applications of the SEEA for biodiversity, climate change and macroeconomic policies; and
  • Improve the use of the accounts in development and monitoring of national environmental policies and reporting for international frameworks.

Please see the concept note for further details.