Facilitated e-learning course: SEEA Central Framework

The facilitated e-Learning course  “Introduction to the System of Environmental Economic Accounting (SEEA): Central Framework” , organized by the UN Statistical Institute for Asia and the Pacific (UN SIAP), will be conducted from 1 August to 9 September 2022.

This course introduces the SEEA Central Framework, the international statistical standard for measuring the interactions between the environment and the economy, 

By providing an internationally agreed standard with agreed concepts, definitions and classifications, the SEEA is an invaluable tool for compiling integrated information on the economy and the environment. The SEEA uses concepts, definitions and classifications consistent with the SNA in order to facilitate the integration of environmental and economic statistics. By doing so, the SEEA allows users to develop indicators (including SDG indicators) and conduct analysis on the economy-environment nexus.

The course contains five modules on the major themes of SEEA Central Framework.

Outline Coverage
Module 1: Introduction to the SEEA
  • Policy relevance of the SEEA
  • Introduction to the SEEA Central Framework
  • Principles and connections with the SNA
  • SEEA implementation strategy
Module 2: Accounting for physical flows
  • Principles of physical flow accounting
  • Physical flow accounts for energy
  • Physical flow accounts for water
  • Physical flow accounts for materials
Module 3: Accounting for environmental assets
  • Structure of asset accounts
  • Principles of asset accounting
  • Mineral and energy resources
  • Land, soil and water resources
  • Biological resources

Module 4: Environmental activity accounts, combined presentations and indicators

  • Environmental activity accounts and statistics
  • Accounting for other environmental transactions
  • Combined presentations, aggregates and indicators
Module 5: Subsystems, applications and extensions
  • Application of SEEA data
  • Analytical techniques
  • Outlook


Weekly webinars will also be held as part as this course.

Target participants are staff of national statistical offices and other relevant line ministries working on issues related to the environment.  Anyone interested in learning more about the SEEA are also encouraged to enroll  in this course.

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Event Date

Monday, 01 August 2022 - 9:00am to Friday, 09 September 2022 - 5:00pm