An integrated statistical framework for measuring sustainability: the case of tourism

This meeting is organized by UNWTO in the framework of the ISI 63th World Statistics Congress.

Tourism stakeholders have been concerned with the sustainability of the sector for decades, but also with how tourism can support or deter efforts towards sustainable development more broadly. Tourism is an important and integral part of economies, of societies, and of natural and built environments. As such, statistics are required that expose, and no longer conceal, these connections. To this aim, leading countries with the support of the World Tourism Organization in partnership with the United Nations Statistics Division, launched a programme towards a Statistical Framework for Measuring the Sustainability of Tourism (MST). MST is building consensus around a framework that identifies the most relevant data and indicators, integrates data and existing standards from across relevant measurement domains, and supports international comparability. This session presents country experiences with implementing the MST framework, focusing on real policy implications.

Event Date

Thursday, 15 July 2021 - 9:00am