Resource Corner, SEEA News & Notes: Issue 4

Bio Economy – Development of new regional statistics

Learn how Statistics Sweden has helped develop new statistics on bio economy at a regional level for economic, socio-economic and environmental aspects to monitor the development of the bio economy sector.


Business Energy Use

Access the latest release by the Central Statistics Office of Ireland on business energy use for 2015. The release website includes graphical analyses as well as information on the methodology and surveys used.


Circular Material Use Rate

Eurostat published findings on how to account for materials recovered from the economy that are fed back into the economy, therefore reducing the generation of waste and limiting the extraction of primary raw materials.


Comprehensive Wealth in Canada 2018 – Measuring What Matters in the Long Term

A new report by the International Institute of Sustainable Development (IISD) raises the alarm on the evolution of Canada’s comprehensive wealth, comprising of all of Canada’s productive assets, over the 35-year period from 1980-2015.


Cuentas de Capital Natural del Uruguay

Read the World Bank report on how Uruguay is using the SEEA EEA framework to implement innovative environmental policies and programs.


Environmental Science & Policy (Volume 89, November 2018)

Find out more on how the SEEA can improve information systems and data quality for decision making and what this means for the development of the European Shared Environmental Information System.  


EnviStats India 2018

Access the first ever SEEA accounts for India. The report, published by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) of the Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation, provides SEEA accounts for natural resources across the states of India.


ESCAP resource platform on environment statistics

Access information on the activities and tools (FDES, SEEA-CF, SEEA-EEA, environment statistics overviews and applications) ESCAP has used to strengthen environment statistics in Asia and the Pacific.


Eurostat economy-wide material flow accounts hand book, 2018 edition

Access the Eurostat manual for economy-wide material flow accounts (EW-MFA) , which includes compilation guidelines and as well as applications.


Eurostat Sustainable Development in the European Union — Monitoring report on progress towards the SDGs in an EU context – 2018 edition

The second publication in the series of Eurostat’s regular reports monitoring progress towards the SDGs in an EU context, developed in cooperation with stakeholders.


Eurostat's country raw material equivalents (RME) tool

Data input file

Handbook for RME tool


Access the latest Eurostat  tools for  country-level raw material equivalents of product flows, such as imports and exports in RME, raw material input (RMI) and raw material consumption (RMC).


Eye on Earth (EOE) Bulletin

Read the bulletin on the EOE symposium, convened by the Environment Agency-Abu Dhabi (EAD), and learn how SEEA is serving environmental policy makers for the SDGs.


Implementation of SEEA in the Pacific: Achievements and lessons

Lessons and achievements from  the implementation of the SEEA in the Pacific over the period 2015-2017, highlighting the development of the first SEEA accounts in four Pacific island countries.


Les nouveaux indicateurs de richesse" (The new wealth indicators)

Read the annual report published by the French Government that highlights economic, social and environmental sustainability in France using ten major indicators including carbon footprint and land cover artificialization.


Renewable Freshwater Accounts for Selected  Areas of Canada

Access the ecosystem accounts for freshwater, produced by Statistics Canada, for selected areas from 1971 to 2014.  


SANBI (Biodiversity GIS) / (Biodiversity Advisor)

Visit South African National Biodiversity Institute’s data repository on geospatial information for biodiversity in South Africa. Also, read about the NCA&VES project and SEEA-EEA in South Africa.


Tourism Satellite Account and the environment – Method development

Read the report by Statistics Sweden on how Sweden has used Tourism Satellite Accounts. The Tourism Satellite Account describes tourism and travel's impact on the economy.


Webinar on valuation for ecosystem accounting: an introduction to key aspects

Access the the webinar recording on SEEA EEA and valuation, hosted by the SEEA EEA Technical Committee and UNSD, for members of the UNCEEA and the Advisory Expert Group, to raise the level of understanding of valuation for ecosystem accounting.