Webinar on Valuation for Ecosystem Accounting: An Introduction to Key Aspects

Valuation of ecosystem services and ecosystem assets in monetary terms is a common area of contention in environmental measurement and accounting. For the SEEA Experimental Ecosystem Accounting (SEEA EEA) this is certainly true with discussion often raising difficult questions about measurement boundaries, valuation concepts and appropriate techniques. Since, on the whole, there are no observed monetary transactions in ecosystem services and ecosystem assets, establishing clear principles and definitions is essential to making progress in this space. Work to date on the SEEA EEA has highlighted the range of views and knowledge of valuation for ecosystem accounting and the need to raise the level of understanding to allow a wide range of experts to contribute effectively to the discussion.


With this goal of raising the wider level of understanding of valuation for ecosystem accounting and the current state of play, SEEA EEA Technical Committee and UNSD hosted a webinar on 14 November 2018 for members of the UNCEEA and the Advisory Expert Group on National Accounts that covered:

  • an introduction to the SEEA EEA and the current revision process;
  • the core valuation concepts and measurement approaches being considered for ecosystem accounting;
  • key issues to be investigated and addressed; and
  • next steps.


The webinar was chaired by Anton Steurer (Chair, SEEA EEA Technical Committee) and the material was presented by Carl Obst (UNSD Consultant and SEEA Editor). The following materials can be accessed here: