Resource Corner, SEEA News & Notes: Issue 3

Integrated Framework for Environmental Activity Accounts

Read the SEEA Central Framework Technical Committee outcome paper on the integrated framework on accounting for environmental activities as it relates to economic flow

SEEA-CF Research Agenda - Note on Ew-MFA and Physical Use and Supply Tables

Read the SEEA Central Framework Technical Committee outcome paper on economy-wide material flow accounts (Ew-MFA)

Global Data Structure Definitions

Data structure design defines how statistical data is globally transmitted and stored--find the global data structure definitions for the SEEA here.

2016 Canadian Natural Resource Wealth

2016 Physical flow accounts: Energy use and greenhouse gas emissions

2015 Physical flow accounts: Water use

2014 Physical flow accounts: Intensities and demand-based measures

Lean more about the Canadian natural resource inventories and visit Canada's latest physical flow accounts


Indonesian Physical Energy Flow Account and Air Emission Account

Report by BPS Statistics on the experimental energy flow account of Indonesia

Indonesia-WAVES Technical Review on Natural Capital Accounting

Read about the Indonesia wealth accounting and valuation of ecosystem services (I-WAVES) seminar on capacity building, FGD, and technical review


Material Flow Accounts in Raw Material Equivalents' for the EU-28 Till 2016

Material Flow Accounts in Raw Material Equivalents by Final Uses of Products Till 2016

Modelling RME to Estimate RMC and Other Economic Indicators for the EU

Learn more about the inputs and flows of natural resource-based materials produced and consumed into the EU economy


Economy Wide Material Flow Accounts Handbook by Eurostat

Find Eurostat's newly released handbook on material flow accounting here

Statistics on Climate Change

Check out the Eurostat's new web page on climate change statistics

European Statistical training programs

Browse the training materials and resources from Eurostat's past SEEA and environmental statistics courses