Ecosystem Services Accounting – Part III - Pilot accounts for habitat and species maintenance, on-site soil retention and water purification

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This publication is a technical report by the Joint Research Center (JRC), the European Commission's science and knowledge service, developed as part tof the project Integrated system for Natural Capital Accounting (INCA). The INCA project was launched by the European Commission with the objective to produce concrete application to produce concrete applications for the EU, compliant with the international standard of the System of Environmental Economic Accounting – Experimental Ecosystem Accounting (SEEA EEA). In this report the value and accounting for three new ecosystem services is assessed: Habitat and Species Maintenance, on site Soil Retention and Water Purification. It also include an improvement of already existing ecosystem services accounts, such as Crop and Timber provision, Carbon Sequestration and Crop Pollination. Based on the nine ecosystem services accounts compiled for the European Union, the authors finally start processing INCA readily available indicators, that can support policy analysis and can contribute to international reference frameworks such as the post 2020 Biodiversity framework and the Sustainable Development Goals.
La Notte, A., Vallecillo Rodriguez, S., Garcia Bendito, E., Grammatikopoulou, I., Czucz, B., Ferrini, S., Grizzetti, B., Rega, C., Herrando, S., Villero, D., Zurbaran Nucci, M. and Maes, J.
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