Accounts and Indicators for Danish Plastic Flows: Physical supply-use tables for plastics 2016 Circular material use rates for plastics 2011-2019

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The report presents material flow accounts for flows of plastics in the Danish economy for the year 2016. Flows of all types of plastics, inclusive of raw plastics, processed plastics, plastics in composite products, sorted plastic waste and plastics in mixed waste are included and allocated by industries and households. The accounts for plastic flows are based on a set of complete physical supply-use tables for all natural resources, products and residuals entering, flowing in, or leaving the Danish economy. The report describes how the complete supply-use tables, which recently have been published by Statistics Denmark, are transformed into accounts for plastic flows. In addition, the report include a presentation of specific circular material use rates for plastics.
Ole Gravgård, Sofie Kristensen, Sara Svantesson, and Emil Urhammer. Statistics Denmark
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