Samoa’s Experimental Solid Waste Accounts FY2013-14 to FY2015-16

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Samoa’s Experimental Solid Waste Account is the first for Solid Waste highlighting the collection and management of solid waste in Samoa. The Solid Waste Accounts closely follow the System of Environmental Economic Accounts Framework (SEEA 2012) and are useful in organizing information on solid waste collection and management of flows to landfills, recycling facilities or directly to the environment. The main aim of this report is to present the amount of solid waste collected in Samoa, who collected them and how solid wastes are managed. Samoa’s solid waste accounts mainly focused on the collection and management of solid wastes for three financial years 2013-14 to 2015-16. The account only includes solid waste collected and disposed of at Tafaigata Landfill in Upolu Island and solid waste exports. The landfill received solid waste collected from around Upolu Island, covering an estimated 77% of Samoa’s total population of 195,979 (Samoa Bureau of Statistics, Population and Housing Census, 2016). There is another landfill in the bigger island of Savaii but there is no data collected to account for the collection and disposition of waste. Solid waste here refers to both solid waste residuals and solid waste products collected for exports.
Samoa Bureau of Statistics
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