Ecosystem Services Accounting - Part II Pilot Accounts for Crop and Timber Provision, Global Climate Regulation and Flood Control

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The Knowledge Innovation Project on an Integrated system of Natural Capital and ecosystem services Accounting (KIP INCA) aims to develop a set of experimental accounts at the EU level, following the United Nations System of Environmental-Economic Accounting - Experimental Ecosystem Accounts (SEEA EEA). The application of the SEEA EEA framework is useful to illustrate ecosystem accounts with clear examples, to further develop the methodology outlined in the United Nations Technical Recommendations, and to give guidance for Natural Capital Accounting. This report assesses and accounts for four ecosystem services (ES): crop provision, timber provision, global climate regulation, and flood control.
Vallecillo, S; La Notte, A; Kakoulaki, G; Kamberaj, J; Robert, N; Dottori, F; Feyen, L; Rega, C; Maes, J.
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