An International Library for Land Cover Legends: The Land Cover Legend Registry

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This article highlights the importance of land cover in achieving several goals and introduces the first international platform for land cover legend, named Land Cover Legend Registry (LCLR). This registry is a contribution to the international land cover community and the UN in effort to promote and support data harmonization processes and interoperability from local to global level, and vice versa. Users can not only use the registry for preparing consistent datasets, but also contribute to it by providing the latest data to ensure the long-term availability of both updated and existing datasets around the world. Moreover, building on the experience developing land cover legends with different nations, a brief explanation on the preparation of legends is also provided.
Fatima Mushtaq, Matieu Henry ,Douglas O’Brien , Antonio Di Gregorio , Rashed Jalal , John Latham , Douglas Muchoney , Chris T. Hill , Nicola Mosca , Michael Golmame Tefera , Karl Morteo , Gianluca Franceschini , Amit Ghosh , Elisee Tchana, Zhongxin Chen
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