Ecosystem condition account for Karnataka State, India. Report of the NCAVES project

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This report describes the scope, methods and models used for the compilation of ecosystem condition accounts for Karnataka State, in India based on the SEEA EA framework (UN et al. 2020). The study focused on (i) compiling accounts for the ten selected districts (representative of agro-climatic zones) and Karnataka State (District wise), and (ii) computing ecosystem condition index at the district level for Karnataka State, India, considering (i) abiotic characteristics (physical and chemical state of soil), (ii) biotic characteristics (compositional, structural and functional) and (iii) landscape-level characteristics (land surface temperature and fragmentation of forest ecosystems).
Ramachandra, T.V., Bharath Setturu, Vinay S, Rakesh D.R. and Bharath H Aithal.
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