Latest SEEA news

NSO India looks to expand coverage of SEEA accounts

14 December 2022
After the successful implementation of the NCAVES project in India which led to the development of the

South Africa holds Second Forum on Natural Capital Accounting

01 December 2022
South Africa held its second in-person National Natural Capital Accounting (NCA) Forum on 18-19 October 2022, as part of the implementation and monitoring of the

Resource Corner SEEA News and Notes: Issue 19

16 October 2022
In this issue you will find resources on land accounts in Brazil, FAO’s Land Cover Legend Registry, UNEP-WCMC's urban ecosystem accounting handbook, India's latest environmental accounts, ecosystem condition methodology in the EU and much more. 

Fifth Meeting of the Committee of Experts on Business and Trade Statistics

14 October 2022
The Environmental-Economic Accounts Section of UNSD participated in the 5th Meeting of the UN Committee of Experts on Business and Trade Statistics to talk about the use of business and trade statistics in the compilation of environmental economic accounts. 

New Progress in Mexico on the SEEA after the NCAVES Project

14 October 2022
While the NCAVES Project has finished, the statistical and national scientific community in Mexico continue to collaborate to advance the implementation of ecosystem accounts, with a focus on ecosystem condition. 

UNSD Strengthens Implementation of the SEEA

14 October 2022
To scale up implementation, the United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD) started in 2020 a three-year long project with five countries in Africa and Asia to address the technical and institutional barriers to the establishment of routinely produced SEEA accounts.

28th Meeting of the London Group on Environmental Accounting

12 October 2022
The 28th Meeting of the London Group on Environmental Accounting was hosted by the Federal Statistical Office of Germany from 26 to 29 September 2022 in Siegburg, Germany. More than 50 participants from around the world attended the meeting.

Natural Capital Accounting Initiative launched in Ethiopia

30 September 2022
From 19 to 23 September 2022, the UN Statistics Division (UNSD), In collaboration with the the World Bank’s Global Program for Sustainability (GPS), conducted a scoping mission to advance the NCA Initiative in Ethiopia.

Land cover and Environmental-Economic Accounting: An International Library for Land Cover Legends

16 September 2022
Land cover refers to the observed biophysical cover of the earth’s surface. Land cover provides a mean to assess landscape patterns and characteristics that are crucial for understanding environmental and ecological accounting.