SEEA-relevant Meetings and Workshops

Дата Место Заголовок
25 September 2009 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Workshop on Forest, Land and Ecosystem Accounts
23 September 2009 to 24 September 2009 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Workshop on Water Accounts
21 September 2009 to 22 September 2009 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil International Seminar on Environment Statistics and Accounting
24 June 2009 to 26 June 2009 New York, USA Fourth UNCEEA Meeting
01 June 2009 to 04 June 2009 Santiago, Chile Technical Workshop on the Preparation of Water Accounts in Latin America
28 April 2009 to 01 May 2009 Canberra, Australia 14th London Group Meeting
06 March 2009 to 22 March 2009 Istanbul, Turkey 5th World Water Forum
22 September 2004 to 24 September 2004 Copenhagen, Denmark London Group of Environmental Accounting, 9th Meeting
Quebec, Canada 24th Meeting of the Subsidiary Body on Scientific, Technical and Technological Advice of the CBD
Online Eurostat working groups environmental accounts (physical accounts) and monetary environmental statistics and accounts (monetary accounts)