Green National Accounts for Denmark

Statistics Denmark published a report highlighting the link between the economy and the environment through environmental-economic accounting on February 28. The report, titled “Green National Accounts for Denmark 2015-2016”, is the final outcome of a three-year project which aimed to develop a full set of environmental-economic accounts for Denmark. Based on the accounts, the report presents a broad overview of the recent Danish developments and resulting pressures on the environment, how stocks of natural resources and land cover/use has developed, and how “green” activities are part of the economy.


The environmental-economic accounts are organised in 13 modules, each of which is presented in separate chapters in the report. Further, the report includes a chapter presenting a number of SDG-indicators for Denmark based on data from the accounts. A summary of the recent development based on selected key indicators from the accounts are also presented.


As a result of the project, which was made possible by a grant from the Danish Parliament, the Danish environmental accounts now comprise information on the most relevant environmental-economic aspects of the economy.



Report can be found here (release date of 28 February 2018).


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