Testing the Development of Species Accounts for Measuring Ecosystem Condition at EU Level

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This report develops an integrated system for natural capital and ecosystem services accounting in the European Union (EU). It provides a summary of Experimental Ecosystems Accounts work to develop ‘Species Accounts’ using data reported under Article 17 of the EU Habitats Directive and a detailed methodology for a novel approach to compiling species accounts using data on bird species reported under Article 12 of the EU Birds Directive.
King, S. (UNEP-WCMC), Arnout van Soesbergen (UNEP-WCMC), Claire Brown (UNEP-WCMC), James Vause (UNEP-WCMC), Bálint Czúcz (EEA ETC BD), Daniel Desaulty (EEA), Jan-Erik Petersen (EEA)
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United Kingdom
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