Register implementation for land cover legends

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This report presents an overview of the structure of a set of registers and an associated registry for the description of the Land Cover Legend (LCL) used by FAO and associated other international organizations. This set of registers is described both in an abstract manner, in alignment with the ISO standards, for the registration of geographic information and in alignment with ISO 19144-1 and also as a set of flat tables that may be implemented in a spread sheet program of a relational database. xi The high-level design is described as a UML schema. However, the implementation is in terms of simple tables where several of the UML classes may be represented in a single table. The legends and their classes semantic content and schemas are described with an object-oriented procedure using the Land Cover Meta Language (LCML) as defined in the joint FAO / ISO TC211 standard (ISO 19144-2). This report was published by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and University of Southampton and Istituto di Sistemi e Tecnologie Industriali Intelligenti per il Manifatturiero Avanzato, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche. The report can be found at
O’Brien C.D., Di Gregorio, A., Mushtaq, F., Henry, M., Tchana, E., Mosca, N., Blonda, P., Hill, C., Latham, J. and Muchoney, D.
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