Chair of the UNCEEA

Profile of the current chair of the UNCEEA

André Loranger (Canada)

Assistant Chief Statistician, Statistics Canada

André Loranger is currently the Assistant Chief Statistician for Economic Statistics, responsible for the key economic indicators (CPI, GDP, etc.) produced by Statistics Canada.

André, an economist with an M.A. (Economics) degree from the University of Ottawa, began his career in the public service at Statistics Canada in 1997 where he spent most of his career compiling National Accounts.  André has held various senior leadership positions in the Agency including Director of Producer Prices Division, Director General of the Macroeconomic Statistics Branch and Assistant Chief Statistician for Strategic Data Management, Methods and Analysis.  In that capacity, he was also Statistics Canada’s Chief Data Officer responsible for the overall stewardship of the organization’s information data holdings. 

In recent years, André has been involved in international projects related to economic statistics.  He was a member of the United Nations Expert Group on International Trade and Economic Globalization Statistics, the United Nations Expert Group on the Future of Economic Statistics, the United Nations Committee of Experts on Big Data and Data Science for Official Statistics and a number of international statistical working groups. 

André is currently the chair of the United Nations Committee of Experts on Environmental-Economic Accounting, and the co-chair of the United Nations Network of Economic Statisticians.