Latest SEEA news

A Historic UN Statistical Commission for the SEEA

26 March 2021
The 52nd Session of the UN Statistical Commission was historic in a number of ways--not least because of the adoption of the SEEA Ecosystem Accounting. The adoption was a major recognition of the work done by the UN Committee of Experts on Environmental-Economic Accounting.

Recent Progress and Trends in Global SEEA Implementation

26 March 2021
The results of the periodic Global Assessment of Environmental-Economic Accounting and Supporting Statistics are usually eagerly anticipated, as they act as a barometer for the overall progress of the SEEA community.

Update from the Africa Natural Capital Accounting Community of Practice

26 March 2021
Several events have taken place under the Africa Natural Capital Accounting Community of Practice recently, including webinars on Uganda, South Africa, Botswana and Liberia. 

High-level webinar on SEEA Ecosystem Accounting for countries in Latin America

26 March 2021
The high-level webinar on the SEEA EA for countries in Latin America took place on Thursday, 4 February 2021. The Webinar was co-organized by the UN-ECLAC Statistics Division and the UN Statistics Division (UNSD) and was attended by over 117 participants, including 5 heads of NSOs, from 16 countries in Latin America. 

UN Statistical Commission side events on Ocean Accounting and Measuring the Sustainability of Tourism

26 March 2021
Two side events were recently organized by the SEEA community during the 52nd session of the United Nations Statistical Commission: (1) From experimental ocean accounts to SEEA-Ocean; and (2) High Level Discussion on Measuring the Sustainability of Tourism.  

Resource Corner SEEA News and Notes: Issue No. 13

26 March 2021
In this issue, read about the findings of monetary ecosystem accounts for South Africa, pilot urban ecosystem accounts for the U.S., ecosystem accounts for India, and much more.  

SEEA Ecosystem Accounting is adopted!

11 March 2021
The United Nations Statistical Commission has, at its 52nd session in March 2021, adopted chapters 1-7 of the SEEA-Ecosystem Accounting as an international statistical standard. In the same document, chapters 8-11 present internationally recognized statistical principles and recommendations for valuation of ecosystem services and assets.  

NCAVES India Forum 2021: NSO India takes the lead in making nature's value visible

28 January 2021
Held over three days, the NCAVES India Forum 2021 was the culmination of the impressive work undertaken in India following the SEEA Ecosystem Accounting as part of the three-year E.U.-funded NCAVES project.

Building Back Better: Natural Capital Accounting for a Green Recovery

19 December 2020
The year 2020 has been unlike any other. Yet, as countries look towards 2021 and begin their recoveries from the pandemic, there is growing recognition that new measures are needed to move beyond GDP, and towards a system that considers all of humanity’s assets—natural, human, social and institutional.